O’Dools Dairy Goats, LLC

O’Dools Dairy Goats, LLC

Address : , Orfordville , WI , US , 53576

O'Dools Dairy Goats is a local family owned and operated dairy farm. Our heard consists of 1,000+ total goats as well as a few pigs, chickens, horses, a peacock and of course our two wonderful dogs. Approximately 450 of the goats are milked twice a day. Montchevre Cheese Plant in Belmont, WI pick up our milk and makes world class goat cheese which in turn we sell at the farmers' market. Soap making started as a hobby and over the years we have added goat milk liquid soap, lotions and even goats sticks!

Offering: cheese (goat), goat (sticks), lip balm, goat milk soap, goat milk lotion

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25 Eclipse Center
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511
Phone: (608) 365-0150

Shauna El-Amin
Executive Director


Crystal Cribbs

Promotions Coordinator