Saint Roger Abbey

Saint Roger Abbey

Address : , Chicago , IL , US , 60644

A few years ago, our Father Founder started our Religious Order at the service of the poorest of the poor, throughout the world. We, the Nuns, Friars and Priests, dedicated to this Cause, had much trouble to gather enough funds in order to help our poor people, our Missions in developing countries, and to pay our bills. When our Father Founder brought his first Nuns to the United States, they got the idea to make delicious cookies and cakes, using the French know-how: they then decided to name this undertaking St Roger Abbey Gourmet Patisserie. Today, the pastries make the delights of the little and the grown, on any occasion. When you purchase these Monastery handcrafted Cakes, Cookies and Specialty Gourmet Products, you actually have a share in this work of charity.

Offering: bakery items, organic french macarons, organic brioches, organic croissants, organic breads, organic cookies, organic savouries, french fruit tarts, french cakes, french viennoiseries, organic chocolate candy boxes, savoury quiches, natural honey

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Shauna El-Amin
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