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136 W. Grand Ave.

New Outside Photo

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Erik Fournais

608-359-6414 or 608-756-3932 x229

Suite #101 – first-floor storefront windows, will be avail by March 31, 1953 s/f, rent is $8.50psf + taxes and gas/electric

Suite #260 – 2nd floor with window to river one large room 312 s/f, available Feb 28, rent is $8.50psf + taxes and gas/electric

Suite #208 – 2nd floor no windows, consists of 3 rooms, 463 s/f, available Feb 28, rent is $6.50psf + taxes and gas/electric

151 Roosevelt Ave.

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Rachel Patete


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 2,500 sq.ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $2,000.00

Tenant is responsible for all utilities.

*This property is outside of the downtown boundaries.

250 Garden Lane

Contact: Rachel Patete


Acreage/Sq.Ft: 56-1,500 sq.ft.

Price: $125.00-1,575.00

Electric, heat, air and internet included. Secured building, plenty of parking, elevator and handicap entrance.

*This property is outside of the downtown boundaries.

400 E. Grand Ave.

Property 7

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Doug or Mary Eddy

608-751-2325 or 608-751-3208

move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 400, 500, 600, 800 sq.ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: Lease $350/mo to $550/mo

*all inclusive (electric not included)

1,000 sq. ft. conference room to share with other tenants (fits up to 50 people)

403 & 405 Prospect

Property 6

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Penny Hansen


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 2,000 sq.ft. (3 entrances)

asterisk_32x32 Price:  Lease $16,400/yr (will subdivide)

419 E. Grand Ave.

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Mike Marquette


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 1,848 + sq.ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: Lease $1,200/mo NNN

522 Broad St

Property 14

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Jason or Fred Braun


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 18,000 sq.ft., 14,000 sq.ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: 18,000 sq.ft. – $2.25/sq. ft.

14,000 sq.ft. – $0.50/sq.ft.

531 E. Grand Ave. Upper

Office Space

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Dr. Douglas Kelley


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 2,360 sq. ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $2,600 / month

Many offices featured in this upper story space. Private entrance on west side of building. Rent will be lowered to $1,500 per month for the first year or two based on needed renovations at renter’s expense. Many possibilities. In excess of 3,600 cars passing by daily. Click here for printable flyer.

611 E. Grand Ave. 2B

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Office Space

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Pat Brabazon


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 564 sq. ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $700 / month

4 offices, can be accessed from the front entryway, via the ADA ramp, or a private entry in the back. Includes heat, electric, snow removal and trash pick-up. Other building tenants include two law firms and staffing agency.

625 E. Grand Ave.

Office / Retail Space

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Chad Schultz


Full Listing

move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 3,096 sq. ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $11/SF/YR

Newly acquired space. Ready to build to suite.

Office complex within walking distance of Downtown Beloit and Beloit College. Both off street and on street parking available.

628 Cross St.

Property 17

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Alice Rehberg


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 12,285 sq.ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $225,000

690 Third St. - Ironworks Campus

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Mandy Witt


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: OFFICE: 1,768, 2,272 and 5,600 sq.ft. (1,768 and 5,600 can be combined for a total of 7,368 sq. ft.)

asterisk_32x32 Price: OFFICE: $19.00 sq.ft./year (NNN)

Office space available for lease in the Ironworks campus in Beloit, WI. The Ironworks campus sits along the banks of the Rock River in Beloit’s historic downtown. Previously home to the Beloit Corporation, it was purchased by Ken and Diane Hendricks in 2001 and redeveloped into the Stateline area’s most unique, multi-use office complex with state-of-the-art amenities on site.

816 4th Street

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Rachel Patete


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 225 sq. ft, 240 sq. ft. and 225 sq. ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $175.00

Heat and electric included.

*This property is outside of the downtown boundaries.

822 Broad Street

cardfile_32x32 Contact: Rachel Patete


move_32x32 Acreage/Sq.Ft: 225 sq. ft., 200 sq. ft. and 2,800 sq. ft.

asterisk_32x32 Price: $200.00 for the two smaller offices, $2,300 for the larger space

Large space includes large open area, 3 offices, restroom, break room.

All include heat, electric and air.

*This property is outside of the downtown boundaries.

Atrium Apartment Homes

614 Broad St

50 Units, Newly Renovated, Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom – 1 Bath, 2 Bedroom – 2 Bath. Priced from $600 – $900

Electric, Heat, A/C, water, parking and trash are included in the rent. The property has 24/7 security access and security surveillance. There is coin operated laundry on site.


Hilton Hotel Apartments

444 E. Grand Avenue


The Phoenix Building

430 E. Grand Avenue

Lisa at 608-295-5472

or Kailey at 715-218-1946