Beloit’s 5Bar’s owner’s superpower is putting together unique taste combinations

By Lynda Wallis, Beloit Daily News – March 3, 2022


BELOIT—Liquid Chef magician Levi Andersen serves up transformative experiences in a glass. 


“The name 5Bar began as a typo,” Andersen explains while petting Lady Corgi, his adorable 14-month-old bar pup. “I had been joking with a friend about buying a dive bar. The phrase kept auto correcting to 5Bar. I wanted a place that would feel like a house party in a bar.” 


5Bar, located in downtown Beloit at 530 E. Grand Ave., opened in October of 2020. The bar has quickly become a destination for those “in the know” despite opening during the time everyone was staying home and couldn’t travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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