Popular Wisconsin Farmer’s Market Returns to Action for Season

Double T, Q 98.5 – May 3, 2022


Grab your grocery bags and get ready to shop because a popular Wisconsin farmer’s market is getting ready to open for the season.

The Outdoor Market Season Is Ready To Open


I’m starting to see signs of spring after a long cold winter. The temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is out more, and the flowers are starting to come up. It all puts me in a much better mood.


Though I’m not ready to begin yard work yet, I do believe it’s time to pull out the grill and start cooking out. For some of the best menu items for a barbeque, I like to hit the local farmer’s markets. We’ve got some really good ones around the Rockford area.

Popular Wisconsin Farmer’s Market Set To Open This Weekend


Most of the outdoor markets in our area will open sometime this month, including one of the more popular ones. That is the Beloit farmer’s market in Wisconsin. It is definitely one of my favorites.


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