Stories at Beloit Farmers Market set for July 9

Jeni Schomber, Beloit Public Library – June 28, 2022


Imagine you are an adult. You wake up on a beautiful summer day in southern Wisconsin. The sun is shining. The humidity is low and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The entire day is yours for the taking and you are heading to the Downtown Beloit Farmers Market. You get the kids dressed. Your partner grabs the car keys and you

grab your market day basket and you head everyone out the door. You find the perfect parking spot and spend the morning searching for the perfect strawberries and the not-too-hot hot sauce for your cookout later in the afternoon. 


Now imagine you are a child. Your parents wake you up on a beautiful summer day in southern Wisconsin. You aren’t exactly sure why they did this because you are on SUMMER VACATION, but hey, at least the sun is shining. They make you to get dressed. Okay, fine. You comply because you think the entire day is yours for the taking, but wait, you see Dad grab the market day basket and Mom is looking for the car keys. You are going to the Farmers Market. They find a parking spot like a gazillion miles away, and seriously? Are they really still searching for the perfect strawberry that clearly DOES NOT EXIST? Ugh, at least you can take a nap when you get home. Oh wait, you have to go to a cookout… 


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