Beloit Sky Carp Plans Literacy Playground

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ABC Supply Stadium in downtown Beloit opened Aug. 3. The privately-funded $37 million ball park was built in 13 months and has a game day capacity of 3,500 seats.
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By SARA MYERS Adams Publishing Group 

Aug 23, 2022


BELOIT—The Beloit Sky Carp is starting to make plays for a new “literacy
playground” at the ABC Supply Stadium in Beloit for baseball fans and families alike.

The playground will have an educational element incorporated throughout, but the
Beloit Sky Carp team is still working out the finer details, manager of media and
public relations Josh Flickinger said.

Beloit Sky Carp was one of the 2022 Community Impact Grant recipients from the
Stateline Community Foundation.  A total of $83,610 was donated to Stateline Area
businesses. The Sky Carp was given a $17,000 grant for its literacy playground.

“Every single week we have surveys that go out to our fans,” Flickinger told the Daily
News. “There’s an open ended question that goes into what can we be doing better?
How can we better serve a fan and one of the things we’ve heard consistently is a
playground at the field.”

Flickinger adds that learning is a passion for the Sky Carp owner Quint Studer.
Around the ballpark you’ll see various things on early learning, Flickinger said, which
includes a hopscotch game.

The construction of the playground will begin upon the completion of Sky Carp’s
current season, after the last game on Sept. 11. Flickinger said they hope to have it
complete by next year, before the start of the next baseball season in the spring,

“We know that we’re fairly early in the process, but we’re really excited and certainly
grateful for the grant and we feel like this is just another way to make our experience
better for fans and for citizens of Beloit,” Flickinger said.


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