Members of Beloit Boards, Commissions Honored

The Beloit City Council honored members who have served on the city’s boards, commissions, and committees throughout 2022 year, on Monday night.


BELOIT- Beloit area residents who volunteer their time to serve on City of Beloit committees and boards were honored during Monday’s Beloit City Council meeting.

“Serving on the boards, committees and commissions takes a lot of time and effort,” said council member Kevin Day. “People who share their time and expertise to this extent deserve a special thank you.”

The Appointment Review Committee nominates individuals for the various boards. Nominations are then submitted to the Beloit City Council for confirmation.

“Serving on city boards and committees are very essential to keeping the City moving forward,” council member Markese Terrell said. “I was on the E.O.C. (Equal Opportunities Commission) before being elected to City Council and we all did some very important and meaningful work. I am grateful that we are recognizing those who take the time out to give back to our city, and do their parts to bring in the many diverse voices that we need to shape the City of Beloit into the city that we all want it to be.”

To honor all the hard work and dedication the members of each committee brought to the table throughout the 2022 year, Council President Regina Dunkin issued a proclamation thanking them for all.

“It is humbling to be able to recognize these individuals who have generously given their time and talent to the City of Beloit,” Dunkin said. “We are honoring volunteers for their service and dedication as they have provided valuable input to help us make informed decisions. I hope this will encourage other residents to become interested and consider serving in the future.”

The following people were honored:


Alcohol Beverage License Control Committee:

Clinton Anderson, City Councilor, Henry Clement, Martin Densch,Sheri Lynn Pounds, Gregg Schneider, School District Rep., Allison Semrau and Ronald Tilley, Tavern League Rep.


Appointment Review Committee:

Yusuf Adama, Daniel Barolsky,Regina Dunkin, City Council President,Nancy Forbeck, City Council Vice President, Pamela George, Daniel Gifford and Paul Martin


Board of Appeals:

Susan Adams, David G. Baker, Dustin Gronau, John Peterson and Mark Preuschl


Board of Ethics:

Louise Reavis Austin, Daniel Herro,Fransaesca Ellison, Carl Lange, Maribeth Miller, Rongal Watson and Tim Weeden


Board of Review:

Vincent Borgogni, Nora Gard, James Roe and Arsenio White


Community Development Authority:

Jalen Elliot, Jasmine Hartke, Philip Gorman, Kaylynn Rodriguez, Nancy Forbeck, City Council Vice President, and Kevin Leavy, City Councilor


Downtown Beloit Association:

Clinton Anderson, City Councilor, Branden D. Beavers-Jackson, Kelly Eickstead, Dennis Fenrick, Jessica Fox-Wilson, Beloit College staff, RoseAnn Haedt, Stephanie Knueppel, Matt Lee, Malinda Obershaw, Daniel J. Riemer, Dennis Senz and Richard Wolter


Equal Opportunities Commission:

Rodolfo Abarca, Nancy Forbeck, City Council Vice President, Victoria France, Cristal Pena and Debra Weston


Landmarks Commission:

Joy Beckman, Sherry Blakeley, City Councilor, Ned Carlson, Lucas Carter, James Doig, Chris Gallagher, Avery McDaniel and Celestino Ruffini


Municipal Golf Committee:

Jeffrey Case, Men’s Golf Rep, Kevin Day, City Councilor, Isaam El-Amin, Steven Ferger, Seniors Golf Club Rep., Ida Lenz, Women’s Golf Club President, Joseph Reinhard, Mark Young, Golf Course Supervisor, and Matthew Amundson, Director of Parks and Recreation


Municipal Library Board:

Betty Barnett, Sherry Blakeley, City Councilor, Juan Carlos De Salas Aragon, Jamarr Elliott, Rachelle Elliott, School Dist Rep., Florence Haley, Gloria Heiss, Jamie Keraka and Elizabeth Magnus


Planning Commission:

Brian Anderson, Regina Dunkin, Michael Flesch, Mardell E. Jacobsen, Andrew Janke, Mike Ramsden, Pablo Toral, Timothy Weeden,


Police and Fire Commision:

Nailah Adama, Dorothy Harrell, Thomas Johnson, Ana Kelly and Rongal Watson


Traffic Review Committee:

Stephen Benton, Michael Ciaramita, Kevin Day, City Council, David Elrod, William Frisbee, Public Works Director, Jeffrey Johnson and Thomas Larsen