Midwest Darkness: Shining a positive light through the black

Zack Goodrow Jun 5, 2024


BELOIT — On June 7 at 5 p.m. in the Beloit Art Center, J.R. Broshous will unveil his “Midwest Darkness: A Dark Art Gallery” to the public. Organized by J.R. Broshous, the exhibit will showcase 11 artists’ work including feature paint, photography and organic materials.


Along with artist Adem Redzepi, Casey Ball, Ian Currey, Matt Lombard, Matthew Wajek, Paul Lesch, Riley Hill, Stonevein Studio, W. Hagskins and Rotted Dystopia, the dark art show is dedicated to Jed Leiknes — a tattoo and oil painter — who took his own life.


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