Beloit Sees Building Projects Advance

Beloit Building Projects

Foundation work continues at the construction site adjacent to the Wright & Wagner Lofts near the corner of downtown Beloit. Plans are to build two more buildings on the property with the next building planned to offer. Clint Wolf/Beloit Daily News


BELOIT—Saws are buzzing, hammers are pounding and buildings are going up in downtown Beloit, as several Hendricks Commercial Properties projects are advancing.


Rob Gerbitz, president and CEO of Hendricks Commercial Properties, gave an update of construction projects the company is involved with during a Society for Learning Unlimited (SLU) presentation on Tuesday morning. A brochure offered at the event was titled “New Projects 2023—2025,” and some projects described are underway while others are slated to start in the near future. “This is our 31st year hosting these fantastic classes,” recalled Pat Raymer, executive administrator at SLU. “Next week we will start planning the fall semester for next year.”


There are five major projects Hendricks Commercial Properties is working on, which are expected to be complete in coming years. 


The Wright & Wagner Lofts and 200 W. Grand Ave. has been completed and has both business and residential tenants. Two other buildings are planned adjacent to the site. The Wright & Wagner Lofts has 54 apartment units which are filled, according to Gerbitz. This was part of phase 1 for the site near the corner of Fourth Street and Grand Avenue. 


“The apartments at 200 West Grand Avenue are never vacant,” Gerbitz said. “The only time they are empty is when someone is about to move in.” 


The company plans to open a second building which will have 78 apartment units. “We hope to match the same demand with the second building,” Gerbitz said. The third building will be directly located on the Rock River, Gerbitz said. The completion date has yet to be determined. 


The next project includes properties at 80-100 East Grand Avenue in downtown Beloit. 


This project is a mixed development project that will include the extension of Beloit’s riverwalk pathway system. 


The company reviewed the project with the Beloit City Council last March and plans for the project are continuing, according to Gerbitz. “We will be tearing back into the project in February of this year.” Gerbitz said. 


The plans include the development of retail locations with potential residential units on the upper floors. 


The third project currently is under construction at 108 W. Grand Ave., which will be the new home for the Blue Collar Coffee shop, among other tenants. The coffee shop currently is at 408 Pleasant St. The current space for Blue Collar Coffee shop will be converted into event space for Truk’t. 


There is still not a timeline for the move yet, but the Blue Collar Coffee shop will closed for two to three weeks once the new space is ready. 


The fourth project includes the Ironworks North Campus. This large space already has two major offers to lease part of the building. 


Gerbitz said Hendricks Commercial Properties is currently in talks with two companies who are interested in leasing 20,000 square feet each, in the North Ironworks Campus. The two firms would bring about 150 jobs to Beloit, he said.  The Ironworks North Campus has been a long time coming for the company. “We were ready to dive into the project in 2019, but then the pandemic hit,” Gerbitz said. “We will be starting on the project later next year.” 


The final project concerns the project at 720 Gateway Boulevard. Hendricks purchased this land back in January of 2020.  “This project will be able to fill the industrial demand in Beloit,” Gerbitz explained. 


Future SLU classes will feature different speakers who will speak on a variety of topics. The cost for most of the class is $7 per person. Almost all of the classes will be held in the basement at the First Congregational Church, 801 Bushnell St. 


Classes are scheduled into November. 


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