Beloit Sees Building Projects Advance

Beloit Building Projects

Foundation work continues at the construction site adjacent to the Wright & Wagner Lofts near the corner of downtown Beloit. Plans are to build two more buildings on the property with the next building planned to offer. Clint Wolf/Beloit Daily News


By Jacob Roushia, Beloit Daily News – Oct 1, 2022


BELOIT—Saws are buzzing, hammers are pounding and buildings are going up in downtown Beloit, as several Hendricks Commercial Properties projects are advancing.

Rob Gerbitz, president and CEO of Hendricks Commercial Properties, gave an update of construction projects the company is involved with during a Society for Learning Unlimited (SLU) presentation on Tuesday morning. A brochure offered at the event was titled “New Projects 2023—2025,” and some projects described are underway while others are slated to start in the near future. “This is our 31st year hosting these fantastic classes,” recalled Pat Raymer, executive administrator at SLU. “Next week we will start planning the fall semester for next year.”


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