Mushroom Business Grows From Machesney Park to Farmers Markets and Restaurants Around the Region

Bill Springer, owner of Iconic Fungi, talks with customer Freddie Wright on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at the Beloit Farmers Market. (Photo by Kevin Haas/Rock River Current)By Kevin Haas July 25, 2023


MACHESNEY PARK — Bill Springer didn’t set out to start a business when he started tinkering with growing mushrooms in his garage three years ago.


Like many people, the 46-year-old welder had newfound time on his hands because of the coronavirus pandemic. He watched videos of people growing mushrooms and decided to try it for himself.


Now, Springer and his girlfriend, Chasidy Mitchell, have parlayed a hobby into a staple at local farmers markets. You can find Iconic Fungi at Edgebrook Farmers Market, North End City Market, Rockford City Market and, new this year, the downtown Beloit Farmers Market.


The business of growing mushrooms is growing, too. A few months ago Iconic Fungi became a licensed wholesaler, and you may have tasted its product as a part of dishes at The Norwegian on Rockford’s North End.


“We hope to be in many more restaurants,” Springer said. They’re also adding an online store for delivery.


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